Know Your Nuts! Why It's Time To Show These Some Love

Who would have thought that a tiny nut at the centre of a small Moroccan fruit, could make such a big difference to your beard?

Well, it turns out that it really can, and as it’s a key ingredient in our very own beard oil here at CHUDE, we thought we’d share a little more info on what this mighty nut’s all about.

4 Reasons to REALY Love Argan Oil

  • Argan oil is packed to the rafters with vitamin E, which keeps your skin moisturised, and the dreaded beard itch at bay. So, if you’re growing a beard, a good growth oil should be top of your list. ⁠
  • It makes you look younger! A recent survey found that applying Argan oil directly, led to a significant increase in skin elasticity, thus providing an effective anti-aging treatment - boom! ⁠
  • Helps to reduce skin oiliness. We all have different skin types, some oilier than others, and this rarely gets a mention in beard care. One study found that a twice-daily application of Argan oil reduced significant sebum activity and oiliness within just four weeks! ⁠
  • Beard growth. By keeping the skin underneath your beard soft & nourished, your hairs will grow through stronger from the root, & with eased combing due to regular use, you’ll see less hair loss, and a thicker beard – et voila! ⁠All that (& more) from a tiny little tree nut!
CHUDE Beard growth oil - argan oil for beard growth


That’s Nuts…

We’ve tried to keep our list of attributes from Argan oil largely beard and facial hair related, but it’s list of health promoting properties goes well beyond just what it does for beard lovers.

It’s also known to help a number of skin conditions including the treating of acne, stretch marks, wound healing, and even heart health! Is there anything this crazy little nut can’t do?

An oil that’s been used for centuries, but clearly still has so much to offer today. You’ll find it as one of the main ingredients of our very own Bergamot beard oil, which is why it’s achieving so many 5-star reviews from customers who’ve purchased this repeatedly since its launch in 2021.

Why not order a jar today, and experience the benefits of the Argan nut all for yourself?  Get 10% OFF with code WELCOME2021 at checkout.

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