How Do I Apply The Beard Oil?

Use the convenient pipette to place a couple of drops of CHUDE Bergamot beard growth oil into your palm.

Rub both hands together to spread the oil evenly, then massage upwards into the beard and skin, under your chin and cheeks.

To finish, groom your beard downwards and style as usual.

Use your Bergamot beard oil as part of your daily beard grooming routine, or in association with our CHUDE all-natural beard balm.

When Is It Best To Apply It?

We recommend applying the beard oil right after a warm shower, to a dry beard.

How Long Will It Last?

A jar of our Bergamot beard oil goes a long way, and with average use as listed below, it should last up to 3 months.

How Much Should I Use?

Use this as a guide, but remember not to over apply, to avoid a greasy beard. Test is best!

Shorter Beards

2-3 drops morning & night

Medium Beards

2-3 drops morning & night

Longer Beards

4-5 drops morning & night