How Do I Change The Blade?

The process to change the blade is very simple indeed. Just twist the bottom of the razor to open the top section (the butterfly) carefully lift off the blades, and switch over for a new one. Press down firmly on the new blade, and twist the bottom of the razor again to close.

How Many Replacement Blades Do I Get?

The CHUDE double edged safety razor comes with 10 replacement blades.

Why Is It Called A Safety Razor?

First appearing in the 1800s, safety razors got their name for being more consumer-friendly than the terrifying straight razors used in professional barber shops (you know, the ones that look like street weapons).

Where Can I Buy Replacement Blades?

Safety razor blades are universal, so they are all the same size. You can either buy your replacement blades from us, or anywhere on the internet.

Why Is A Safety Razor Better Than A Plastic Razor?

Thanks to modern advances in double edge razor blades, a safety razor can shave much closer with a single blade than a plastic multi-blade cartridge can with 3, 4 or even 5 blades and because only a single blade passes over the skin it causes less irritation.

Razor Maintenance

We recommend (carefully) wiping your razor dry after each use, to protect the polished finish from calcium build up from water.