Premium chrome double edged safety razor with stand and ten replacement blades.

The CHUDE double edged, safety razor is finally here. Offering the ultimate in barber shop grade shaving, this superior grip, long handled razor is a must for anyone looking for the closest possible reusable shaving solution.

With a butterfly style, twist to open base, you can easily replace your blades when needed, spelling the end for disposable plastic razors, and mediocre shaving results.

Finished in luxury Chrome plating, this premium double-edged razor comes complete with chrome razor stand, and ten replacement blades already included.

Weighing in at only 89.4g and boasting a high grip, extra-long handle measuring 121mm, you’ll experience a slip free, super close shave- every time.

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  • 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee
  • Ten replacement Blades included
  • Chrome Razor Stand
  • 121mm Extra Long Handle
  • Great Grip For Perfect Control
  • Barber Grade Shaving