What Does Beard Oil Do?

The fact that over 1300 people type what does beard oil do? into google each month, says a fair bit about the overall trend, and curiosity towards male grooming products in the UK in 2022.

With the sale of male grooming products set to double by 2031, it’s clear that guys are taking better care of themselves now than ever before.

Globally, the number of men who enjoy routine spending on beauty products has risen from 17% in 2015 to 21% in 2019, and a recent poll by YouGuv found that a whopping six in ten 18-39-year-olds sported some form of facial hair in 2021.

That’s a lot of guys with beards and tashes knocking about, but how well do we really understand exactly what a great beard oil actually does? Fear not, we’re about to do our best to shine some light on this very topic.

So, What Does Beard Oil Do?

Beard oil is without doubt one of the most important parts of any guys beard grooming routine – period. With so many great qualities to its daily application, regular users swear by it for a multitude of reasons.

Reducing Itchiness & irritation:

Nothing can be more troublesome when growing your beard than the dreaded itch, or beard ruff as it’s sometimes known.

When the skin underneath your beard gets dry, it can become incredibly itchy, making the entire experience of growing the beard an unpleasant one, and it’s often the reason that many guys quit before they’ve even really got going, or should that be growing!

Look for a beard oil that contains Vitamin E in abundance, and you’ll experience relief on application from the very first time.

Beard oil nourishes coarse, dry beard hairs directly from the root, whilst soothing the skin underneath, eliminating dryness, and stopping beard itch and dry flaky skin in its tracks.


Beard Growth:

Your level of beard growth can be affected from everything from genetics to diet, so growth really is different for the individual. However, you can really give your beard a serious boost by using a great quality, all-natural beard oil.

By keeping your hairs properly hydrated from root to tip, beard hairs grow through nourished, stronger, and less likely to break, which in turn will help to increase the thickness and volume of your beard, after about 3 months use.

Look & Feel:

Usually an opener for beard balm on warm, damp beard hair, it’s going to instantly improve the look, feel and scent of your beard, especially if you like a fragranced formula. Unscented formulas are also super popular right now, as they won’t clash with your favourite eau de toilette.

To top it off, a beard oil is going to take your beard softness to another level, which is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive at CHUDE.

As we make our way through the list of fantastic qualities offered by beard oil, it’s easy to see why this is probably the undisputed king of beard grooming products.

Let’s Get It On:

Hopefully by now your appetite for beard oil has well and truly been whet, and you’re wondering what the hell you’ve been doing all this time without it!

Looking after your beard is going to benefit both the look and feel of it considerably, and beard oil is a vital component. Just a few drops each day are all it needs to take it to the next level, and as beard grooming goes, it doesn’t get much easier than that!

It’s never too late to improve the look and feel of your beard, no matter whether it’s long or short, and here at CHUDE we have two premium all-natural beard oils available. You'll get 10% OFF your first order of any beard oil, when you enter discount code WELCOME2022 at checkout.

So remember. The next time someone asks you “what does beard oil do” just point to your beard, and let them marvel at the super soft, itch free creation bursting from your cheeks, and say – this!

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