The New Chrome Double Edged Razor by CHUDE

A little over a month ago, we promised that a new product was coming, and we are super excited to say that it’s finally here – our chrome, double edged safety razor has officially landed!

Why’s it so exciting? Well, since the launch of our beard oil & balms in late January, we’ve been committed to growing our catalogue of premium male grooming products for you to enjoy, so if you’re of the cleanly shaven persuasion, this one’s for you!

Safety First

With the abundance of disposable multi-blade razors on the market, it’s entirely possible that you’ve never heard of, let alone tried a safety razor before. You can’t really get them in your local supermarket, and you won’t find many shops on the high street that have them either, so when us guys talk about shaving, the name safety razor probably isn’t the first one off our lips.

First appearing in the 1800s, safety razors got their name for being more consumer-friendly than the terrifying straight razors used in professional barber shops, and continue to be popular to this day by both men & women.

The Razor

The CHUDE double edged razor comes straight from the box with its own chrome stand, and ten replacement blades that are easy to switch.

The first thing you’ll notice when you handle the razor is its oversized handle, (most razors feature 100m, ours is 121mm) which is designed to give you maximum grip and control as you shave.

Twist the base of the handle to open the butterfly head, drop in a fresh razor, twist to close, and you’re good to go.


The Shave

Because double edged razors feature only one incredibly sharp blade, for starters you get an undeniably closer shave, and far less irritation, shave bumps & ingrown hairs than cartridge razors tend to inflict.

As you use the razor, you’ll notice that you don’t need anywhere near as many strokes or applied pressure to produce a far superior shave.

Safety razors by design get much closer to the skin, eliminating the need for repeated dragging of the blade over your stubble, and of course you can shave up as well as down in two smooth strokes. This is a very good thing.

Less strokes, result in less irritation, cuts, and post razor soreness, meaning you can use this razor daily, without roughing up your skin.

We found in testing before release, that you could produce the best results by making sure that you wet your face thoroughly first, followed by a generous application of either foam or shaving oil, with both producing an incredibly consistent and supremely comfortable shave.

We also recommend that you shave slower than usual at first while you get used to the feel and control of the razor, but with just a few shaves, you’ll soon be wondering what the hell you’ve been doing all these years!

Sustainable Shaving 💡

Using a safety is also a great way to help cut down on plastic refill razor cartridges, as while the blades can be recycled, the plastic handle can’t.


In advanced testing we found that each blade produced optimum shaving results between 5 -8 shaves, before we'd consider changing the blade. Replacement blades are available also at CHUDE but are a universal size, so any safety blades will fit this razor perfectly.

If you’re looking for a barber grade shave, that’s going to be comfortable, controlled, and closer than any disposable or cartridge razor, then the new double-edged safety razor from CHUDE will be a major addition to your bathroom cabinet.

Perfect for a birthday or Christmas present, your safety razor comes with FREE UK shipping right now, so don’t miss out, order yours now while stocks last.

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