What Makes The Best Beard Growth Oils?

One of the most common questions that we get asked here at CHUDE is, “what’s the best type of beard growth oil money can buy”, and of course – what’s going to be the most affective?

With so many different types of beard oils all claiming to contain unworldly beard growth properties, we wanted to dispel the myths, and attempt to offer a little insight into what makes a good beard growth oil, how, and why it actually works.

For many at the very early stages of beard growth, one of the main concerns can be the itchiness that comes with it, but once that’s sorted, and things are developing nicely, attention quickly turns to the quality of the beard growth itself. Is it patchy, is it looking full, are the hairs too curly, my skins irritating, etc etc, and rightly so, all of these issues need to be addressed, to give yourself a chance of having the very best-looking beard you could possibly hope for.

So how exactly does beard growth oil work, and how will it help your beard in the medium to longer term?

To get that beard growing as healthy as possible, we have to delve a little deeper. In fact, it doesn’t start with the hairs at all. We need to go to the root of the problem, (no pun intended) right down to the skin underneath.

Keeping the skin super moisturised is vital for good beard growth, and this is ultimately a good beard oils trump card. When the skin is neglected you get itchiness and irritation, neither of which do you want, especially if it can be avoided so easily with daily application of a good beard growth oil right from the outset.

Applied regularly, the oil works its way into the skin’s pores, boosting the elasticity of the beard hairs, and stimulating strong, resilient hair growth from the root up. This in turn means less breakage, hair loss, and a far healthier looking beard from the get go – boom!

In addition, the oil helps to remove the unwanted dead skin cells, and all the other unwanted impediments, aiding the growth process even further.

CHUDE Top Tip: 💡

Using beard oil daily, will ease combing for you too, which in turn will reduce unnecessary hair loss, creating a fuller looking beard.

To get tips on how to apply your beard oil for maximum results, follow this tutorial.

Important Ingredients

Choosing a beard growth oil that’s packed with natural - nutrient rich oils, is a great place to start when looking for the perfect choice for your beard. There are many oils that are beneficial for moisturisation and growth, and some of the most effective are Grapeseed and Argan oils.

Growth oils like Grapeseed are of the humectant variety, and this means that it works to seal your skin with a protective barrier to keep it from losing moisture, making your skin look, and feel gloriously moisturised underneath.

Another important beard growth ingredient is Argan oil. Known as an occlusive ingredient, it has an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect on the skin, due to its high concentration of linoleic acid and Vitamin E. See where we’re going with this? Keep that skin in as best condition as you possibly can underneath, and you’re giving yourself the best chance of a Viking like beard in no time. (Ok, it does take a while, but you get the idea.!)

Beard oils such as our very own here at CHUDE contain Grapeseed, Argan, and Leaf oil, so it works to enhance your skin condition, giving your strong, healthy beard hairs the best chance of fast growth, as you move through the various hair length stages.


If you’ve made it this far, we can probably assume by now, that you’re serious about achieving awesome beard status, and are fully committed to the growth process.

As we said at the beginning of the article, there are many beard growth oils available, but it’s certainly worth looking a little deeper into the ingredients to maximise your chances of fast, healthy and strong beard hair growth, as you set out onto your daily beard care grooming routine.

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