What Makes The Best Beard Balms?

Let’s face it, we all want our beard to look the very best it can, with minimum effort, and maximum results, right?

For guys looking to raise their game in the beard stakes, albeit for a longer, fuller or softer looking beard, then a little bit of TLC and grooming with the right products, can go a long, long way.

Perhaps the lesser known hero of the healthier looking beard, is the humble beard balm.

These days beard products are becoming so popular, that it can be hard to see the wood for the trees sometimes, let alone know what to look for when trying to find the best beard balm.

You certainly don’t hear as much about beard balm compared to its all-conquering cousin – the beard oil, although it has just as much to offer under the hood, and might just be the one product that should be taking pride of place in your bathroom cabinet.

Ok, let’s see what ya got beard balm!

Frizzy, uncontrollable beard hairs are something that most of us suffer with in the growth journey, and this is where the best beard balms really come into their own.

As part of your daily routine (often in tandem with beard oil) just a small amount worked through the hairs in a downwards motion, will really help you get a handle on those rogue hairs, determined to mess up your beard game.

Soften me up!

Looking for that softer looking and feeling beard hair? Well, if you’re one of the 2500 plus people that type “what is the best beard balm” into Google every month, it’s clear that these nifty little tins of goodness, really are something of an unsung hero in the world of beard conditioning products.

When it comes to softening up those hairs, it’s the daddy, and pretty much nothing else comes close. The best beard balms are a combination of fine oils and wax’s that are going to really take care of your hairs & your skin simultaneously.

CHUDE The beast beard balm.

It Eliminates itchiness

Most men reach for the beard oil when the itching starts, but the best beard balms will give your face the rest it needs from the relentless onslaught of your frantic finger nails.

With its excellent moisturising qualities, a beard balm will moisturise both the skin underneath and your beard hairs right from the root, relieving you from irritation and perpetual cycle of the itch v scratch continuum.


Love to give your beard or tash a little tweak on the edges? Whilst even the best beard balm won’t keep your handlebars rock solid like a good moustache wax can, it will however give you some styling ability, and if it contains a good natural wax, then you’ll get moderate to strong hold that will last all day long.

CHUDE beard balm contains beeswax, which is what gives it its superb styling qualities, for which it’s now becoming renowned. (See below for the full 100% natural ingredients).

CHUDE Top Tip: 💡

Beard balm is most commonly worn during the day, (unlike oil which is great to apply at night) so why not try an unscented one that won’t clash with your cologne – boom!

Your beard will look healthier

Using natural products is a sure-fire way of keeping your beard in tip top shape, with only minimal daily effort.

When you keep both the skin and your beard hairs properly nourished, they grow through stronger, resulting in less breakage, unnecessary hair loss through combing, and ultimately a fuller looking beard, so it really is a no brainer here.

The best beard balms are the Swiss Army knife in the beard grower’s cabinet. Applied daily in conjunction with an oil, will have your beard looking healthier, softer and thicker than ever before, in fact, I’ll go as far as to say that you’ll wonder what the hell you did before it!

Ingredients – what’s your flavour?

With a seemingly endless selection of scents now available, you can pretty much take your pick, from coffee to whiskey it’s all there, but as with all things, the more elaborate the scent, the more questionable the ingredients can be on cheap, poor quality balms.

You put it on your face, suffice to say, and the best beard balms tend to be packed with natural oils, and hydrating, nutrient rich ingredients that are going to really take care of your skin and beard, and are free from some of the chemical nasties found frequently in the cheaper offerings.

Look for Argan, Jojoba, Castor, Olive or Grapeseed oils, and Candelilla or Beeswax in place of cheap, greasy petrochemicals like Vaseline.

If you’ve read any of our previous posts, you’ll know what a fan of Argan oil we are here at CHUDE, and it’s one of the main ingredients in our very own unscented beard balm.

With its seemingly endless list of good properties, it’s a key ingredient in getting your skin and beard perfectly moisturised, and aiding the battle against itchiness, irritation, and overall beard softness.

These days with so much choice, you can avoid the nasties like parfum, synthetic fragrance, SLS, parabens and of course, planet busting palm oil, all which tend to feature in abundance in the cheaper budget beard balms.


If you’ve made it this far, we can probably assume by now that you’re intrigued by the merits of a great quality, natural beard balm, that’s going to take your beard health, and the overall look and feel straight to the next level.

When you find the best beard balm for you, combine it with daily use of a natural beard oil, and you’re truly on the way to the healthiest looking beard you’ve ever experienced.

You can get free shipping & 10% off your first order when you use code BEARDBALM at checkout to buy CHUDE unscented beard balm today.

Let us know your thoughts and experiences with beard balm, in the comments section below.

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